General Manager

Minger Melvin

Minger is a leader in the Internet Marketing scene,Minger is recognized and regarded as being a man of ideas, innovation and boundless energy. He started building marketing websites in the mid 1990s and soon began looking for ways to promote them. 10 years later, he is still working in online promotion and has evolved and grown his skill set and service offering alongside the growth and expansion of the Internet. 2007 to join Network Marketing Idea company, and served as CEO post.

Minger Melvin is energetic and infectious; a true leader, connector and motivator. Despite a hectic schedule and array of commitments, Chris does everything with a smile on his face and his mind on the next set of projects and ideas to take on.

It is often joked that John just loves everything "search" from search engine optimization to search and rescue! When it comes to searching...John is the man!