Shumake Lois

Shumake oversees the day-to-day adminstrative office duties, helping to keep everyone inline and and on task. She has established various procedures for maintaining company records,and records of all the office expenses. Sue is also responsible for updating LMG's personnel files and keeps them secure. She must make sure that schedules and policies are carried out effectively and communicates this to all the LMG employees.

After years of working inside sales and business development organizations, Shumake has gathered a tactical perspective on marketing communications. She specializes in working with clients to establish their marketing plan and implement those goals.

Shumake is a natural connector and she puts her vast business network to work for her clients. She believes that any successful strategic plan can benefit from a fresh outside perspective. She continuously strives to bring that to every client she works with.

Some of her most successful projects have involved working with clients to hone their value propositions, adapt their business to new vertical markets and performing competitive analysis. She has years of experience in business process analysis, research and marketing communications.

Her approach is to produce innovative, thoughtful and complete concepts with a flare that engages your customer or prospect.