Pay Per Click Management

Attract more qualified customers.

We'll attract more qualified customers by creating a targeted keyword list; organizing tight-knit ad groups based on keyword similarities and customer buying cycles; and writing strong, direct ads that help filter out unqualified customers before they even click. As we gather data and understand which keywords are and are not converting, we'll modify the accounts appropriately, increasing the qualified customers while decreasing the unqualified ones. For every client, we implement Google Analytics to set up tracking and conversion goals and funnels. We also use Google Analytics as part of our on-going management strategy to provide you with in-depth knowledge about how customers use your website. More about pay per click management.

Search Engine Optimization

Hanapin approaches increasing organic traffic with two different methods. First, we focus on performing comprehensive SEO keyword research and keyword optimization on the pages of your site to ensure that your website is appearing in search engine results for the terms you need to be targeting. We also focus on link building and linkbaiting efforts to increase the number of links to your site. Search engines consider links from other quality sites as "votes" for your website's credibility and relevancy, and will be more likely to place your site higher in their search ranking hierarchy if you have more of these votes in addition to the relevant, frequently updated, keyword-rich content we will help you create as a result of our keyword research and SEO keyword optimization efforts. We will also implement and use Google Analytics for each client on a daily basis to measure traffic increases or decreases, goals, funnels, and numerous other site statistics. More about search engine optimization.

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